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Gary Simms (1951-2007)

Gary Simms (1951-2007)

After many months of sporadic seaching for ANY mention of our Hutton family in Ontario I had a break. I had taken out a months subscription to Ancestry and found several ‘Canada Voters Lists’ that mentioned William & Helena Hutton, Gordon & Jean Simms and Donald & Iris Simms. These gave addresses for them in Windsor/Essex Ontario.

After that the floodgates opened and a Canadian Immigration list showing Gordon & Donald Simms travelling from Liverpool, England to Quebec, Canada in May 1926. They were with their mother Florence Simms and returning to 364, Esdras Ave, Riverside, Windsor, Ontario. This address was near to the one that Jean (Hutton) Simms was going to when she was ‘repatriated’ to Canada in 1945 – to stay with Mrs P. Swarbrick at 360 Esdras Place, Riverside.

The Immigration form also gave the name of Florence’s mother, Maria Hewett from Birmingham, England. This obviously gave another avenue of research.

Another breakthrough came with the discovery of web site ‘The Road to Nowhere‘ by Glenn Swarbrick. This confirmed the link between the Simms and Swarbrick families. Thanks to Glen for allowing me to use info from his web site in our pages.

Finally I found an obituary for Gary Simms (son of Gordon & Jean Simms) who passed away in 2007. This confirmed that his mother was alive at the time but his father died in 1986. It also gave details of his siblings and more.

Unfortunately, apart from some old addresses, we know nothing about Iris & Donald Simms as yet.

So there is still more to do…

The missing Huttons

Will & Lena Hutton

Will & Lena Hutton

My maternal grandmother, Peggy Ward – born as Margeret Jane Dempster McLeary, had three brothers and two sisters. her eldest sister was named Helena/Helene McLeary or Lena for short.

We had met Lena & husband Will when they visited England from their home in Canada. That was the sum total of what we knew.

After some research we discoverd Lena married William Hornell Hutton (born Oct 1893 in Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland) in Colchester, Essex, England late 1917. They had three children William (1920), Iris (1922) and Jean (1927). When Jean was born they lived at 79 Garrets Green Lane, Birmingham. William junior was killed during WW2 in the Middle East.

Jean married a Canadian soldier, Gordon W. Simms in 1945 and she was ‘repatriated’ to Canada the following year. The address in Canada was: Mrs. P. Swarbrick (Aunt) 360 Esdras Place, Riverside, Ontario. At the time this name/address meant nothing but was a part of the jigsaw that confirmed other parts of the puzzle.

Jean’s parents, Will & Lena, and sister Iris followed her to Canada in Dec 1947. We knew from family tales that Iris Hutton later married Donald Simms, brother of Gordon W. Simms.

Then our research hit the proverbial ‘brickwall’ for a long time. It was on the back-burner but not forgotten, forming part of our on-going search of  Canadian genealogical sources. See further post for update.

More info on the Ward family

Escomb Church, near Bishop Auckland

Escomb Church, near Bishop Auckland

At the end of March 2015 I had an email from Peter Ward. Peter’s grandfather (also called Peter) was born c.1885 in Kingmoor, Carlisle – the second son of Robert Lytollis/Ward & Fanny Edgar.

He was a General Labourer when he enlisted in the Royal Artillery in 1902 and was sent to India. He became  British Army ‘heavy-weight boxing champion’ and was discharged in 1905.  By the 1911 Census he was a Police Constable at Stockton, County Durham and had married Florence Oatway. Peter & Florence lived in several places, mainly Bishop Auckland, and he went on to become a Chief Constable.

Florence died in 1929 and Peter in 1956, both in Bishop Auckland.

Thanks to his grandson, Peter, for contacting me and helping to provide more information about the Lytollis/Ward clan.

New Year’s Day email

I received an email on New Year’s day from Celia Stanley, grand daughter of Alfred George Wakefield, who was interested in any info we had as she had never met him.

The only ‘Alfred George Wakefield’ we had listed was obviously not Celia’s grandfather but after an exchange of emails it was soon clear he was the ‘George Wakefield born c.1896’ for whom we had no other data. He was the son of Frederick Wakefield & Jane Allcroft from Hackney, London.

Celia provided some more background and it appeared her grandfather married Phoebe Crampton and they lived in Islington, London. Their only child, a daughter  born c.1928, was Celia’s mother.

Thank you to Celia (my 3x cousin) for increasing our knowledge of the Wakefield family.

Site Genealogy Stats

Site Stats

Site Stats

Just checked the site statistics after adding the last batch of W—– family members. We now have over 2050 family members in our database!

Whilst this number is small compared to many genealogy sites it is a huge increase for us. We started around 2008 with about 390-ish people so in five years it has increased by over 1650 – that’s a lot of hours spent researching and updating information.

Our data covers 517 families from 400 separate surnames. We also have 397 photos and 832 documents available to view by members – the documents are especially important as they confirm the source of the information shown.

Of the 2053 people around 275 are still living and it is our policy to protect their details. Only registered members are allowed access to the site and only those members given the necessary permission are able to view details of living people.

Added more maps


I used the ‘Report’ function of TNG to produce two listings:

  • Places where Wakefield family members had been born
  • Places where Lytollis & Ward family members had been born

These listings contained the longitude & latitude readings to place their location on a map. Once this data is put into Google Fusion Tables it works out the necessary data and produces the code. The code is inserted into the web page and voila! – a map with red dots…

Each red dot only shows a single place where multiple family members were born – in other words, if 20 people were born in Kingstown it will only show one instance of a red dot for that location.

To see the maps select the ‘Families‘ menu tab and then go to either ‘Lytollis & Ward‘ or ‘Wakefield‘ sub-menus.

More family members added


T. R. W – 1969

Recently been helping sister-in-law M—- and her sisters I—- & V— to research their paternal family tree.

(Note: names are blanked out on purpose but the results will be available to current members of wakefield-ancestry – once logged in in go to ‘Info’ menu and  select ‘What’s New’)

Their mother was born abroad but their father was born in the old county of Westmorland. For scholars of English counties the old counties of Cumberland and Westmorland (including some bits of Lancashire & Yorkshire) were combined to form Cumbria in 1974. To read more about this go to this Wikipedia page.

Once I get this new data added to the site the database will hold over 2020 family members from more than 500 separate families. This means we have links to around 390 different surnames.

Any current members who wish to add more info, photos or documents (or wish to amend existing info) please email me.

Ancestor Map Added

Places that our ancestors resided

Places that our ancestors resided or visited

I have just added a map that shows all the places that our ancestors lived, resided or visited at various times in their lives.

The map is powered by Google Fusion Tables and is just the same as using an ordinary Google Map – it even allows the user to zoom down to street level !

You can zoom-in, zoom-out and move around the globe at will. If you left-click on a ‘red dot’ it will give you the place name and co-ordinates too!

The red dots indicate all the places in our database linked to any person and a single dot may cover multiple people who are linked to that place.

As our research continues the map will be updated at regular intervals as we discover more places of interest relating to our ancestors.

To check out this map select the ‘Families’ menu tab and then click on ‘Ancestor Map’ – see picture.


Our Irish Ancestors

tracing-irisg-family-historyJust bought a book for my Kindle Paperwhite called “Tracing Your Irish Family History on the Internet” by Chris Paton – for more info about this book click the image of the bookcover.

It has always been notoriously difficult to find genealogical records in Ireland especially when you have to do your research via the Internet. It is very frustrating to be constantly coming up against ‘brick-walls’ because of the lack of places to search. Hopefully I might find some new online resources to look through in the never-ending search for new info…

Here are some links to FREE Irish databases:

National Archives of Ireland – Census 1901, 1911
Ireland census records for 1901 & 1911.

Irish Genealogy
This database now contains church records for Dublin City, Carlow, Cork and Kerry.



Welcome to

Our new look site combines the flexibility of WordPress and the power of TNG to show off our family history information.

To enter the family history area log on and if successful a new menu tab, labelled Genealogy, will appear under the site header. Click on the ‘Genealogy‘ menu tab and you will have your normal access to the site.

Please be patient as there are still many things to sort out…


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