Added more maps


I used the ‘Report’ function of TNG to produce two listings:

  • Places where Wakefield family members had been born
  • Places where Lytollis & Ward family members had been born

These listings contained the longitude & latitude readings to place their location on a map. Once this data is put into Google Fusion Tables it works out the necessary data and produces the code. The code is inserted into the web page and voila! – a map with red dots…

Each red dot only shows a single place where multiple family members were born – in other words, if 20 people were born in Kingstown it will only show one instance of a red dot for that location.

To see the maps select the ‘Families‘ menu tab and then go to either ‘Lytollis & Ward‘ or ‘Wakefield‘ sub-menus.

More family members added


T. R. W – 1969

Recently been helping sister-in-law M—- and her sisters I—- & V— to research their paternal family tree.

(Note: names are blanked out on purpose but the results will be available to current members of wakefield-ancestry – once logged in in go to ‘Info’ menu and  select ‘What’s New’)

Their mother was born abroad but their father was born in the old county of Westmorland. For scholars of English counties the old counties of Cumberland and Westmorland (including some bits of Lancashire & Yorkshire) were combined to form Cumbria in 1974. To read more about this go to this Wikipedia page.

Once I get this new data added to the site the database will hold over 2020 family members from more than 500 separate families. This means we have links to around 390 different surnames.

Any current members who wish to add more info, photos or documents (or wish to amend existing info) please email me.

New Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Wow – that was a scary couple of hours!! Our web site is now hosted on new servers but users should not notice any drop in service – we hope.

The new hosting should give us a lot more space for our data and the access times should be as good as previously experienced – if not better.

If you have any problems with the site please let us know.


Looking Good…

Finally, after a lot of hard graft and hair pulling, most of the problems have been addressed. All the hassle with the Histories & Feature pages seems to have been resolved now and they display properly.

The site now looks pretty good with reasonably quick page updates – though it could do with a decent make-over.

I think the next step is to decide on a static or a flexible page width and come up with a decent site header image instead of the current ‘brown’ header bar.

Maybe get some help from my daughter, a freelance Graphic Designer…!


Day two…

wakefield-ancestry-siteStill sorting out the problems slowly. Getting WordPress to talk to TNG has been successfull – see image on the right.

However, there are still some big problems with the ‘Histories’ and ‘Features’ to be smoothed out yet but we will persevere with help from the TNG wiki and forums.

We will get there…I hope…eventually…


Please help us by reporting any problems you find.



Welcome to

Our new look site combines the flexibility of WordPress and the power of TNG to show off our family history information.

To enter the family history area log on and if successful a new menu tab, labelled Genealogy, will appear under the site header. Click on the ‘Genealogy‘ menu tab and you will have your normal access to the site.

Please be patient as there are still many things to sort out…


Billy Wakefield