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Gary Simms (1951-2007)
Gary Simms (1951-2007)

After many months of sporadic seaching for ANY mention of our Hutton family in Ontario I had a break. I had taken out a months subscription to Ancestry and found several ‘Canada Voters Lists’ that mentioned William & Helena Hutton, Gordon & Jean Simms and Donald & Iris Simms. These gave addresses for them in Windsor/Essex Ontario.

After that the floodgates opened and a Canadian Immigration list showing Gordon & Donald Simms travelling from Liverpool, England to Quebec, Canada in May 1926. They were with their mother Florence Simms and returning to 364, Esdras Ave, Riverside, Windsor, Ontario. This address was near to the one that Jean (Hutton) Simms was going to when she was ‘repatriated’ to Canada in 1945 – to stay with Mrs P. Swarbrick at 360 Esdras Place, Riverside.

The Immigration form also gave the name of Florence’s mother, Maria Hewett from Birmingham, England. This obviously gave another avenue of research.

Another breakthrough came with the discovery of web site ‘The Road to Nowhere‘ by Glenn Swarbrick. This confirmed the link between the Simms and Swarbrick families. Thanks to Glen for allowing me to use info from his web site in our pages.

Finally I found an obituary for Gary Simms (son of Gordon & Jean Simms) who passed away in 2007. This confirmed that his mother was alive at the time but his father died in 1986. It also gave details of his siblings and more.

Unfortunately, apart from some old addresses, we know nothing about Iris & Donald Simms as yet.

So there is still more to do…