Ancestor Map Added

Places that our ancestors resided
Places that our ancestors resided or visited

I have just added a map that shows all the places that our ancestors lived, resided or visited at various times in their lives.

The map is powered by Google Fusion Tables and is just the same as using an ordinary Google Map – it even allows the user to zoom down to street level !

You can zoom-in, zoom-out and move around the globe at will. If you left-click on a ‘red dot’ it will give you the place name and co-ordinates too!

The red dots indicate all the places in our database linked to any person and a single dot may cover multiple people who are linked to that place.

As our research continues the map will be updated at regular intervals as we discover more places of interest relating to our ancestors.

To check out this map select the ‘Families’ menu tab and then click on ‘Ancestor Map’ – see picture.