More family members added

T. R. W – 1969

Recently been helping sister-in-law M—- and her sisters I—- & V— to research their paternal family tree.

(Note: names are blanked out on purpose but the results will be available to current members of wakefield-ancestry – once logged in in go to ‘Info’ menu and  select ‘What’s New’)

Their mother was born abroad but their father was born in the old county of Westmorland. For scholars of English counties the old counties of Cumberland and Westmorland (including some bits of Lancashire & Yorkshire) were combined to form Cumbria in 1974. To read more about this go to this Wikipedia page.

Once I get this new data added to the site the database will hold over 2020 family members from more than 500 separate families. This means we have links to around 390 different surnames.

Any current members who wish to add more info, photos or documents (or wish to amend existing info) please email me.