Huttons and more

After many months of sporadic seaching for ANY mention of our Hutton family in Ontario I had a break. I had taken out a months subscription to Ancestry and found several ‘Canada Voters Lists’ that mentioned William & Helena Hutton, Gordon & Jean Simms and Donald & Iris Simms. These gave addresses for them in … Read more

The missing Huttons

My maternal grandmother, Peggy Ward – born as Margeret Jane Dempster McLeary, had three brothers and two sisters. her eldest sister was named Helena/Helene McLeary or Lena for short. We had met Lena & husband Will when they visited England from their home in Canada. That was the sum total of what we knew. After … Read more

More info on the Ward family

At the end of March 2015 I had an email from Peter Ward. Peter’s grandfather (also called Peter) was born c.1885 in Kingmoor, Carlisle – the second son of Robert Lytollis/Ward & Fanny Edgar. He was a General Labourer when he enlisted in the Royal Artillery in 1902 and was sent to India. He became  … Read more

New Year’s Day email

I received an email on New Year’s day from Celia Stanley, grand daughter of Alfred George Wakefield, who was interested in any info we had as she had never met him. The only ‘Alfred George Wakefield’ we had listed was obviously not Celia’s grandfather but after an exchange of emails it was soon clear he … Read more

Site Genealogy Stats

Just checked the site statistics after adding the last batch of W—– family members. We now have over 2050 family members in our database! Whilst this number is small compared to many genealogy sites it is a huge increase for us. We started around 2008 with about 390-ish people so in five years it has … Read more

Added more maps

I used the ‘Report’ function of TNG to produce two listings: Places where Wakefield family members had been born Places where Lytollis & Ward family members had been born These listings contained the longitude & latitude readings to place their location on a map. Once this data is put into Google Fusion Tables it works … Read more

More family members added

Recently been helping sister-in-law M—- and her sisters I—- & V— to research their paternal family tree. (Note: names are blanked out on purpose but the results will be available to current members of wakefield-ancestry – once logged in in go to ‘Info’ menu and  select ‘What’s New’) Their mother was born abroad but their … Read more

Ancestor Map Added

I have just added a map that shows all the places that our ancestors lived, resided or visited at various times in their lives. The map is powered by Google Fusion Tables and is just the same as using an ordinary Google Map – it even allows the user to zoom down to street level … Read more

Our Irish Ancestors

Just bought a book for my Kindle Paperwhite called “Tracing Your Irish Family History on the Internet” by Chris Paton – for more info about this book click the image of the bookcover. It has always been notoriously difficult to find genealogical records in Ireland especially when you have to do your research via the Internet. … Read more


Welcome to… Our new look site combines the flexibility of WordPress and the power of TNG to show off our family history information. To enter the family history area log on and if successful a new menu tab, labelled Genealogy, will appear under the site header. Click on the ‘Genealogy‘ menu tab and you … Read more