Privacy Policy

privacy-policyPrivacy is a very emotive issue in modern society and an important consideration where family trees are concerned. We should all be aware that identity fraud, though not common, is an ever present risk and take the necessary steps to protect our personal information. Unscrupulous visitors to an unprotected family tree could discover a persons full name, date & place of birth plus other info that could possibly be used to guess passwords for web sites, bank accounts or clone their identity.

As family history/genealogy researchers we have collected a lot of personal data about our ancestors – both close and distant relatives. The vast majority of this is already in the public domain but many people are unhappy to have their ‘private’ data displayed to the world. Keeping this information private is obviously important to us and we have been allowed to publish some of this data on the understanding that it is restricted to ‘family & selected members’ only. Wakefield-Ancestry uses the following policies for the ‘TNG‘ section of the web-site…

  • Access to the main family history area (TNG) is by registration only – requests should be sent to the Administrator directly, using a link on the Home page. Users are granted access by the Administrator providing they are either a ‘family member’, a member of an allied family or a researcher who can show a relationship to an individual within our database.

  • Users may only view info for ‘living’ individuals depending on their ‘User rights’. This facility is granted/restricted by the Administrator. A person is considered ‘living’ if born less than 100 years ago and no death date is known or if there is specific reason to suggest they are still living. If there are any errors in this area please contact us and the necessary corrections will be made.

  • Users may only view Individuals or data marked ‘private’ depending on their ‘User rights’. This facility is strictly controlled by the Administrator.

  • Users may create a PDF file from various pages depending on their ‘User rights’. This facility is granted/restricted by the Administrator.

  • Wakefield-Ancestry respects the privacy of registered users and your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address will not be released to any entities or individuals.

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If you have any questions or comments about the information above, please email me. We look forward to hearing from you.